By 2009, the Philippine telecommunications and IT market has been saturated by “branded” products that offer low return for end users.  Lesser known products and solutions that offer better value and at times even better capabilities are under-represented.  It is under these conditions that Gefura, Inc. was established in 2009 with the end goal of providing better alternatives for partner VARs and end-users at the same time.

Within a short time from foundation of the company, Gefura has been able to secure contracts to supply solutions for the country’s top cable industry, call centers, enterprises, government agencies and service providers.

Also, within such a short period, Gefura has been able to develop and execute long term brand growth strategies for its partner manufacturers.  By actively strategizing & managing each facet of brand growth & development, Gefura has helped its partners anticipate & successfully navigate the ever changing global trends & shifting markets in the telecom and I.T industry.

What We Do

  • Product Distribution
  • Manufacturer Representation
  • Market Development
  • Telecom, IT and Network Consulting

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